Our History

A Life-Altering Journey

A trip to Kenya Africa in October-November 2013 to attend series of workshops and seminars conducted by the Organic for Orphans / Neem Foundation about organic farming and nutrition, inspired one of the leaders of this corporation to engage in a meaningful endeavour-explore the organics and natural world.

An Important Rediscovery

It was also in Kenya that he rediscovered the impacts and benefits of Moringa Oleifera, not so known to many but certainly a highly nutritious plant that abounds in parts of Africa and Asia, including the Philippines.

As he shared this discovery to his friends and family, they did further research and studies which confirmed that Moringa Oleifera is a proven Superfood. This was attested by clinical studies and laboratory results, the most prominent of which is the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) test done by a laboratory in the USA. The ORAC value measures anti-oxidants in food and supplements. Anti-oxidants are compounds which actively fight free-radicals. They help prevent cellular damage, the common pathway for cancer, aging and a variety of diseases. The result shows Moringa ranked first, followed by Matcha tea, turmeric, acai fruit, dark chocolate, raw garlic, red wine and green tea.

In Pursuit of A Vision: A Social Enterprise was Born

While he engaged with the local people in Kenya and became part of their community for a while, he heard stories of people's lofty aspirations despite the many challenges they had to deal with. This inspired him to connect with close associates to further reach out and help typical families and children who are determined and yet facing many challenges.

After a several spirited discussions and prayerful considerations, these people who share common principles and passion of giving back to the community and supporting worthy entrepreneurial and social causes agreed to formalize their goals. Later in 2014, Bioblossom Natural Products, Incorporated was born.


Bioblossom Natural Products, Incorporated (BNP, Inc) is a Canadian importer-exporter, associate supplier, wholesaler, distributor of natural health products, including dietary supplements, whole foods and natural ingredients, teas and tisanes (flavoured fruit and wellness herb tea blends), bulk natural oil as a cosmetic ingredient.

BNP, Inc. launches its online wholesale shop in September 2015, offering organic and natural product collections under the Bioblossom TM Naturals brand. This brand speaks about our shared purpose:

Bio pertains to life, a course of way or living, while Blossom means to nourish, to flourish, to bloom, to experience abundance, to exude wellness and fullness and to evolve to a promising stage.

We believe that health and wellness is a choice. Health represents a state of well-being, whether physically, emotionally or financially. Wellness comes from the word “well-being and fitness” which refers to a healthy, conscious and a dynamic way of life. One of the key areas of “wellness” focuses on how we value and deal with nature and its natural products, and how we made that conscious effort to include them in our everyday life.

For us, this involves the careful selection of precious food ingredients, functional foods, and natural raw materials with proven nutritional and healthy components. These include, in particular, Moringa Oleifera (Superfood) and Camellia Sinensis (Tea). Moringa Oleifera is a nutrient-rich wholefood and anti-oxidant, while Camellia Sinensis bush is where all real tea products, including Matcha, comes from.

These ingredients and functional foods have lots of nutritional, medicinal and health benefits thus, opportunities exist for their impacts and uses to be fully explored. BioBlossom Naturals website would serve as a tool and a resource for information on all things natural.

Our passion to collaborate with strategic partners enable us to bring you invaluable lines of products that are not only nourishing but also unrivalled in terms of benefits. Overtime, Bioblossom Naturals will continue to source globally for other types of functional foods and other Superfood.

Share our journey as we explore and indulge in nature’s goodness through products that are simply natural and nourishing to your body, both inside and out.

Our Mission, Vision, and Corporate Values

BioBlossom Natural Products’ mission is to empower families to make informed healthy choices by rediscovering deeply-rooted, simply natural healthy options as we source direct from responsible growers and excellent purveyors around the globe.

This supports our intent to also contribute in improving the lives of those tasked to promote food security for the nations - the farmers and growers - and create a meaningful relationship with local industry partners.

We believe in the principle of giving back and in creating a better world. We commit to support community initiatives that impact the greater good. These include projects aimed at ending hunger trap, reducing incidence of diseases through improved nutrition and health and supporting capacity-building for the children and youth in vulnerable groups.

We hope to deliver on our promise

by continuing to source high quality but reasonably priced natural and organic materials, ingredients and teas with proven nutritional and anti-oxidants components globally from growers and suppliers in South America, USA, Europe and Asia, including the Philippines and Japan.

by keeping us aligned with new and innovative practices in the industry, through participation in forums, tradeshows, business conferences, seminars and continuing education, including the following:

World Tea Expo- Where the Business of Tea is Done – May 2015

We have been privileged to attend the World Tea Expo in California in May 2015, including a business conference, the World Origin Tasting Tour on selected growing countries plus the industry trade shows- such a very important gatherings of many respected tea blenders, tasters, traders, aficionados, industry leaders, enthusiasts, business owners and entrepreneurs like us...

The opportunity enabled us to further enhance our passion for tea; establish and strengthen partnerships with reliable and outstanding specialty teas blenders, purveyors as well as tea growers and producers in the world; and positions us to bring you teas and tisanes that are current, award-winning and one of the best in terms of quality, care in preparation and cost.

CHFA East Trade Show – Sept. 2015

We are also gearing forward to our participation to the Canada Health Food Association’s (CHFA) Trade Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto on September 19-20, 2015. This is our first-ever public-facing opportunity to meet with many of you. Check us out at Booth 2123 and learn more about our shared goals for some of Bioblossom’s MyNatural Choice Collections. Some of them can sooner become YourNatural Collections of Choice!

International Symposium on Moringa - Nov. 2015

The first international symposium on Moringa entitled "Moringa: A Decade of Advances in Research and Development” will be held at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel, Manila, Philippines from November 15-18, 2015.

This symposium will bring together about 300 junior and senior scientists from the international community to share new knowledge and information on Moringa, the multi-purpose tree, and to promote the sustainability of its production, processing, utilization, marketing and trade as well as consumption for health and vitality, industry profitability and competitiveness in the context of globalization.

BioBlossom Natural Products, Inc. highly recognizes the value of partnership and collaboration, evidence-based thinking and approaches, passion for excellence and quality, innovation and creativity, and support for social missions.

We are composed of like-minded economic-financial/management and technical professionals, health and wellness enthusiasts and socially motivated individuals who decided to join together to do more in helping more.

We believe that wellness is a choice and the choice that we make today can make a difference to seeing ourselves poised to continue to pursue our full potential.

At BioBlossom Natural Products, Inc. our vision is a re-energized, revitalized, and well- informed individuals, families and communities having recognition that all things natural and organics are more effective, beneficial, and healthy options and it’s smarter to integrate them more in our daily lives.

Simultaneously, BioBlossom Natural Products, Inc. would like to see a better world created— where children and youth in vulnerable groups are well, and that they are able to develop their full potential and achieve their sense of purpose.