Moringa Health Benefits

Moringa is a superfood with a high concentration of nutrients, anti-oxidants and essential amino acids that deliver exceptional health benefits.

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Moringa Smart Collection

Premium and healthy products, such as SuperPowder certified organic by USDA and SuperFood Supplement attested safe and approved by Health Canada.

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WellFIT Wholefood

Wholefood are those that have been processed as little as possible, with the potential to promote optimal health and reduce diseases.

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Tea Nuggets

A resource tool on the many types, leaf grades, blends, flavours, of teas and tisanes. Also included are materials on health benefits, storage and shelf life of tea as well as various recipes, trends and tips for making tea and iced tea preparations.

This resource is meant to inform, ignite your passion and enjoin you as you continue to explore the world of tea.

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Gift of Hope: Water and Sanitation for Communities

Every year, more than 1.5 million children in developing countries dies from illnesses related to drinking unclean water. Every day, children have to trek miles and miles to get water for their personal use prior to attending school.

While we believe that wellness is a choice, to some people that choice is quite difficult to make. That is why we have thought of partnering with Plan Canada to deliver the Gift of Hope for Water and Sanitation for Communities - helping people make a healthy choice for clean water and reducing thousands of very preventable deaths in dozens of communites in the developing world.

We at BioBlossom Naturals are committed to uphold the vision of creating a better world by supporting initiatives that improve the lives of vulnerable families and children in developing world. We have made a committent to donate part of our profits to supporting worthy social causes and missions like the Gift of Hope.

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Bioblossom Tea and Tisane Collection

A collaboration with leading producers, reputable blenders and purveyors of some of the finest assortments of new, high quality, and special flavoured teas and tisanes.

Bulk loose leaf teas are available in unlabeled pouch and storage tins at low minimums and smaller labeled tins. Individually wrapped oversize and transparent loose teabags are available in labeled boxes.